2013 Year-In-Review!

This has been such a fun year for Specs & Wings! Thank you for joining me on this journey and being such an incredible support. I'm so thankful for every client and every blog reader- you guys are sweet friends to me! At the end of the year, I always get a little nostalgic and I love to look back over what has happened before moving on to the next year! Here's what happened in 2013.... 

-Launch of the new Specs & Wings logo, branding and blog design!
(I couldn't believe it was finally happening!)
-Your Story interview with The Whitehouse Table Co., Sugarface! & Sara Dreshcher Braswell
- Army Toms, KenyaToms, Love Mercy Toms and Kitchen Pillows

-Grace & Time Painting & 10 Year Anniversary Painting
-Good & Perfect, Sweet Sixteen, Cool Grandma &  Yankee Toms
- YOUR STORY with Casey O'Connell
- Changing my paints to mostly Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics (I love that paint!!!)

- Stars Paintings & Chalkboard Paintings
- YOUR STORY with Knit Simplicity and ADF Designs
- First blog collaboration with Bonlook: Brave Specs! (What a cool experience!)

-Acts 6:4 Painting
-YOUR STORY with Kathleen from Braid Creative & phone interview with Caitlin Crosby founder of The Giving Keys
- Blog collaboration with The Giving Keys
- First blog conference "Texas Style Council" in Austin, TX with my sweet friend Alison! It was one of my favorite experiences of the year!

-YOUR STORY with Jesse Hadley-Stokes, Imagine Goods & Destinee McGinnis
-YOUR STORY with Elise Wehle and partnership with Uncommon Goods!
- Liquitex samples arrived & I started painting from my experiences in the fall
- "Sharing Stories" article published in Artful Blogging

- Nursery Owl, Courage My Love, Blessing Painting & Women of God Paintings
- First experiments in abstract painting
- Chalkboard Christmas Paintings
- "How to Survive Your First Blog Conference" article published in Artful Blogging Magazine
- YOUR STORY with Ink Cards
- Art for Addy's Hope Event!

This was such an exciting year and I'm even more excited about what's coming up next year! I'm so thankful for what God is doing and that I've had the chance to meet you y'all, share your stories and paint something that I hope will touch your heart. Let's journey together into 2014!!!

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