Introducing "Brave Specs"

Glasses are a symbol of bravery for me. That may seem strange, but it's an example of expressing my style no matter what other people think. Sometimes it's hard to be "myself".... to be brave....but my specs remind me that God made me just the way I am (need for glasses included!) and He has a plan for me. That makes me brave.

Now that you know a little more about my story, I'm THRILLED to announce that I'm teaming up with Bonlook to interview other bloggers about what makes them brave. Watch for those "Brave Specs" posts this month along with the opportunity to help me pick out new frames from a Bonlook!

I'll be posting more soon! Until then.... start voting for your favorite frames for me! Which ever pair gets the most votes will be sent to me to remind me of this brave journey we took together. My new style is in your hands....VOTE HERE!

I'd love for you to answer this question too..."What makes you brave?" Tell us on Facebook (link to S&W & Bonlook) or Twitter (@specsandwings & @bonlook,  hashtag #bravespecs) I'll share your answers at the end of the series!

Happy day!

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