Photo Studies

I'm still really stoked about my camera and trying to learn more about it. I have been thinking about a coffee painting for my kitchen for a while now and I decided that a few studies through photos would be the best way to find a realistic layout and design.

I started off by taking photos over my freshly brewed coffee and it was getting blurry...strange..then I realized it was so hot the steam was fogging up the lens (Oops!) then I thought I'd try to take pictures of it...I was pretty excited to discover I could capture the dancing steam!

Then, I tried a few with strong shadows on the coffee cup...

And a few with creamer swirling in! This is what I really want to try to paint so I feel like I need to try this again... I see lots more coffee in my future to get the perfect shot....

Not that I'm complaining! :) I'll keep you updated on more photo studies and the paintings that follow!

How do you use your camera? Any tips for this aspiring photog?

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