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As you guys know, I'm new to the smart phone thing, but I'm surprised everday by the amazingly creative apps available! I downloaded the Ink Cards App thinking I would look at it another time. About a week later, I got a sweet email from Jen, asking if I needed assistance! Isn't that sweet?! Upon giving this app a closer look and talking more with Jen, I knew this app was going to be too good not to share! I hope you'll take a few minutes to read her story and check it out for yourself!

What's the story behind Ink Cards? 

Sincerely Inc is the company behind the mobile app Ink Cards, Postagram, Sesame Gifts, and Popbooth. Sincerely was created a couple years ago by Matt Brezina and Bryan Kennedy. Matt was in Hawaii for a vacation and really wanted to share his photos with his grandmother in Pennsylvania, and that got him thinking about the ability to turn digital things on your phone into real physical products that can be sent anywhere. He and Bryan decided to take on the project turning smartphone photos into postcards - one of the simplest but most thoughtful gifts out there. And thus Sincerely was born. 

What does a typical day at the Ink Cards office look like?

We're currently a small team of 15 people in San Francisco, so we are all working on multiple projects at once - everything from emails to developing the app to doing photo shoots. We also genuinely love hanging out with each other, so there's lots of ping pong and food and meals together. And we have the world's cutest dog, Pepper!

When someone downloads the Ink Cards App, how can they send a card? 

It's easy and can be done in a couple of minutes:

2.   Open up the app and select a card design. We have over 500+ card designs in over 30 categories so there are cards for every occasion. 
3.   Choose a photo. Select a photo from your phone, Facebook, Instagram and customize it with our many filters, photo effects, stickers, and more. 
4.   Write a message. Type out a personalized message to your recipient.
5.   Enter addresses. You can send the same card to as many recipients as you want, and once you enter one address, it is saved in your address book forever. 
6.   Send card! After you enter your credit card the first time, it will be saved for future use as well. Cards to the US are $1.99 and arrive in 2-5 business days. 

Why do you think it's better to send "real" cards instead of email or e-cards?
Emails, e-cards, and Facebook messages get lost in the social activity of the day or just buried in an inbox somewhere. A real card that you get in the mail lasts forever - cards get put on fridges, mantles, desks, and are great reminders of the people we love and care about. A real card is one of the simplest but most thoughtful gifts you can send to someone -it's personal, heartfelt, and always brightens someone's day!

What's your favorite reason to send a card and which designs do you like most?
I love sending a card just because I can and surprising people with a card in the mail just letting them know I'm thinking about them. So I love our Thinking of You and our Timeless category - there's always a design that fits a photo I'm sending out, and my favorite part is hearing how surprised my friends are to get something in the mail! 

Thanks for sharing, Jen! I loved hearing the story behind this app and I can't wait to try it out. If you want to give it a try, Ink Cards is offering 2 free cards to you today when you use the code "BETHOUGHTFUL"!  Users can enter the promo code and redeem it at this URL: https://sincerely.com/loves/theholidays . Please claim your cards in the next week, then use them anytime!

Happy card sending (from your couch)! Go make someone's day!

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