November Goals Update

Remember earlier this month when I set  5 goals for November?

Well, I thought I'd share a little update on those....

1. Read "Graceful" by Emily Freeman
Okay... so taking time to read still proves to be pretty difficult for me... even this short book! But I'm on chapter 4 and I can tell you that I've already learned something wonderful that I'm mulling over in my heart. :) 

2. Finish 3 custom paintings.
I finished 2 custom paintings and I'm on my third... but I did a few new paintings for my shop that I didn't expect! (does that count?)

3. Restructure my routines.
I did a little work on this and I'm enjoying making a point to do a few things I wouldn't normally do! I've started to do more yoga because I got an app on my phone! Now I can easily do a little in the morning or before bed... nice! I've also started to make a cup of tea in the afternoon. It's a nice change from soda or coffee. Small changes... a little at a time....

4. Create for Christmas like I did for Fall (from my heart)
I have only done a few Christmas paintings, but nothing too extensive. Perhaps next month!

5.  Focus on connections.
This I've been more diligent about. I try to keep conversations going with friends through text, facebook and making plans to get together! I bet this gets a little harder when the Christmas season starts, everyone gets busy!

So there you go! I've enjoyed these small goals, I think I'll do it again in December!
What are your goals? Wanna do a 5 Goals December with me?

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