Army Wife Toms

I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to paint not only a custom pair of Toms, but a couple's sweet story! The process of painting these gave me even more respect for men and women who fight for our freedoms, and their spouses and families to make sacrifices too. What an incredible story of love! The couple represented in these shoes are amazing....

The husband is an army pilot who has earned a scuba badge, aviation wings and the ranger tab. 

He flies a special kind of helicopter called a "Chinook" helicopter.

His wife describes her position as "Silent Ranks"...supporting her husband in so many ways! To include her part of their story in the shoes, I painted dog tags with their monogram to represent their marriage.

I also added swirls around each badge to add a feminine but strong detail...

and also she asked for these two Bible references...check them out, so beautiful!

When I showed this sweet army wife her new custom Toms, she said..."You captured our lives, literally!"

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