YOUR STORY: Knit Simplicity /Giveaway!

I'm thrilled to have Emma from my new sponsor "Knit Simplicity" here today to share her story! Be sure to check out her beautiful creations at www.knitsimplicity.etsy.com! Be inspired...

1. Tell us a little bit about your story...
I started knitting about 4 years ago. At first I made things here and there for myself and then as gifts for others, but because I really enjoy doing it, my stock pile began to grow and grow...and that's what finally brought me to sell my goods on Etsy. I thought, "why not share them with others?" It certainly brings me joy to see others enjoying what I make!

2. How did y'all decide to start working together? How do you divide the responsibilities? 
My daughter really loves the handmade goods on Etsy, and when she saw the items I was making, she suggested that I set up my own store. She helped me get started by photographing some of the items and gave me the little push I needed to get going!
3. What kinds of things do you knit and crochet? Which is your favorite?
I do a combinations of things. You'll find everything from hats and blankets, to sweaters and purses. Many of my friends really like the cowls and scarves. I think my favorite item has to be the purses. I always try to do different textures and colors. It makes me want one of each!

4. What inspired your shop's name "Knit Simplicity"?
Actually, I have to give this one to my son-in-law! I left it up to my daughter to create the branding, so as she was brainstorming ideas, she thought it should have a simple and clean look and that the name should say what I did. So, when asking her husband for some ideas, he put those things together, and came up with Knit Simplicity!

5. What makes "Knit Simplicity" unique?
The first thing that makes Knit Simplicity unique is that no item is the same. I don't use patterns. I get inspired by things I see and then carefully create the look and feel that I want to achieve. The other thing is that I want my customers to feel special, like they are receiving a gift from me. So, to do this I not only spend quality time on each item, but I package it as if it were a gift. If my customers are buying it as a gift for someone else, then the work is already done for them!

6. What keeps you going when you feel discouraged? Any advice to creatives who want to open their own shop?
What keeps me going is that, first of all, it's something I love doing! Even if I didn't sell I would still love doing it just for myself. Secondly, it is so satisfying to see others enjoying products that I've made. It puts a smile on my face!

My advice to others wanting to open their own shop would be to find what you love to do, and it won't feel like a job. Others will see your passion and excitement for what you do, and that's contagious!

Thanks Emma! Your beautiful knitted creations are making me swoon! :) 

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