Little Nursery Owl Painting

I was pretty stoked when a sweet friend who works the same building asked me to create this painting for her nursery! She gave me total freedom and shared with me her interests, theme, colors etc. I wanted the painting to be sort of soft with some fun surprises (and quirks!) and this was the result!

 A few fun things about the process of creating this painting...

1. He used to have two open eyes, but when it got a little difficult to make them look even, so I chose to make one eye "wink"! That one change took this simple owl and gave him a little mystery! (What is he up to?!)

2. Glasses are difficult to paint.... but not when you have paint tube lids! I painted the edge of my lid and then "stamped" it over each eye to get perfect circles!

3. The feathers on this owls belly are made up of book pages! I thought it would add a little depth and a special surprise to hide them there. :)

I hope this little family loves their new painting and congrats on your sweet new baby coming soon! I've never done a painting like this before, but I had a really fun time creating it!

Happy day!

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