Creative Life (it's a blur!)

Creative life lately has been a bit of a blur!  Some exciting news.... I'm working on writing another article for Artful Blogging! It's a dream come true! But with the time crunch of a due date on Friday, it has thrown me for a loop with everything else. :) Thankful for grace all around! Things have been great, and someday I'll learn to juggle everything better. :) Until then, thanks for hanging in there with me!

Here's a peek at my fun weekend.... Stamping with The Aqua Artist (my sis-in-law!), an epic tea party with sweet friends, assembling my new painting cart, a studio sneak peek & stationery love (get me your address asap!) 

When life calms down some I'll have more paintings to share, I'll update the studio progress, share some of my favorite new iPhone Apps and perhaps even throw in some holiday goodies! 

Hope your week is going great! 

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