Sweet 16 BritToms

A sweet girl turning Sweet 16 who has flawless style, loves to read, just wrote her first novel, and loves all things British! Sounds like a recipe for some amazing painted Toms! These were SO MUCH fun to paint...

For the toes of each shoe I wanted them to "go" but not necessarily match. I opted for a British flag and some plaid in modern colors!

I also heard through the grapevine that this girl loves One Direction! I may or may not have had "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" stuck in my head since the weekend- HA!

For the sides I chose some fun British icons...

...and a lovely tea pot and tea cup connected by swirls!

The details are my favorite like this little pendant banner and the "Underground" signs!

I hope this sweet girl LOVES her bright, young, stylish and personal Toms! They were SO FUN to create!

*Want your own pair? Click here!
*British Invasion Toms here!

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