Admit it...

by Masha Mativa at Ornamelle
I discovered Masha Mitiva's blog today and I found this lovely print of hers. Something really struck me about it! Besides its beautiful hand lettering full of personality..there's something about openly admitting who you are and what you're passionate about...... I mean, is it just me? Or is a simple statement like this hard to say sometimes?

Why is it hard for me to say "I am an artist"? Well, I guess part of me is still worried about the response from the other person. Will they politely smile and nod while thinking..." hmm...reeeaaally?" Or will they think I'm super weird, flinging paint around and thinking about different color combos and paint viscosity? (that might be true...ha ha!) Will they think that I'm boasting, like I already have this painting thing figured out? Or that I don't work, but just get to have fun all day? (which of course it's fun, I love painting!...but I also have a 9-5) Will they ask me to draw something right then and there?! 

Of course all of these fears are silly. What if i just told them... "I am an artist". And they understood that I paint and create because I have to. Because it makes me feel alive and it is a way for me to worship the true Artist and Creator. Or....what if I just told them that? 

Okay, I admit it.... I am an artist.

....and I love it. :)

What about you? When someone asks what you do...what do you say?

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