TxSC Re-Cap!

I finally got all of my pictures and my notes together to tell you about Texas Style Council weekend!

Friday Night....
First off, you should know that Alison and I booked this crazy motel with themed rooms. Ours was called "Blue Waters"... ha! It was charmingly Austin.  The first night we went to a clothes swap. I have no pictures of that because it was wild and we were sweating to death. I snagged this pic from TxSC's fb page (yep, that's my hair on the left there... ha!) Our favorite part of the night... THE BEST TACOS EVER! We might have dreamed about them for the rest of the trip.

Was filled with workshops and lots of information. When we finally had a break, we went and got coffee asap to "download" all we had learned and bounce ideas. Then we went to a few cute shops downtown before getting ready for the party that night. Since the whole conference's theme was "Back to School", the party was a prom!

We almost didn't go to prom, but we actually had a great time! We went to all kinds of booths from vendors and artisans, won prizes, shopped, and saw some of our favorite bloggers. We spared everyone our dancing... ya know, we didn't want to show anyone up.

Then we hit the photo booths...

... And saw some of my favorite bloggers of all time at the Bonlook booth! Yes, that's Kendi and Katie with their husbands.. super sweet and adorable...

This was the moment we'd all been waiting for! Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess gave an awesome keynote before the day's classes began. They had such great advice for us. I'm still sifting through my notes!

After the day's classes, we all gathered up again for a blogger panel! Look at all of these amazing bloggers... front row: Morea, Kendi, Jen, Julie, Katie, Emma, Elsie and Jessi (at the podium)! These ladies are a wealth of knowledge about blogging and I felt SO inspired after this!

In the end, we ended up meeting and talking to Kendi and Katie! They were each so nice. Kendi encouraged us that it was okay that we're starting out small... she even said smaller is better! Katie encouraged us to always go up and meet bloggers and we gushed over how much we all love Austin before a big hug goodbye.

I had the best time hanging out with Alison all weekend and being around such amazing bloggers. I hope we get to do this again next year!

Elsie & Emma (the keynote speakers and authors of A Beautiful Mess blog) just released their first book yesterday! I'm going to be giving it away right here on the blog starting tomorrow! You can see a sneak peek inside the book here... then come back tomorrow to enter!

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