A Blessing Painting

This painting has a really cool story about connections and the awesome way that God works! In 2009, I met my sweet friend Brittany Ingram through this online art show. I saw her painting and I just HAD to tell her how much I admired it! Then she wrote me back all of the way from across many states and an online friendship began. She is an incredible artist and she really has a way with words. No seriously, she does painted lettering like you've never seen! (See here & here!)

So when Brittany decided to go on maternity leave from painting for awhile, I was honored when she asked if she could pass her clients on to me for a little bit! WOW! She recommended me to her friend Ashleigh and that's how this painting began. Ashleigh lives in Colorado so I let her know that I could ship the painting to her since I live in a little town in west Texas. As it turns out, Ashleigh's sister-in-law Olivia lives here too and was willing to deliver the painting at Christmas time! Can you believe that connection out of no-where?!? :) What a blessing it was to meet Olivia in person and to "meet" Ashleigh online. Such sweet people! I thought that was pretty cool.

So, Ashleigh asked for a painting using the blessing in Numbers 6:24-26 in neutrals and a few greens and aqua blues to be hung in their nursery! She and her husband are waiting until the baby is born to find out if it's a boy or girl- how fun!!!

My sweet Jeremy helped me find the best way to space the words and make it both interesting and legible. Then I wrote everything in chalk before I began painting the letters. (My favorite new technique!)

I spent a lovely quiet weekend morning to begin the painting process and I loved the way the words took on life and meaning as I added colors and designs!

In the process of creating this painting, I learned a lot about which brushes work best for me and how important it is to have a consistent background color. (Live and learn! Ha!)

Once I completed the lettering, I wanted a little more texture for the background, so I used a large brush with a little of the darker brown paint to "feather" in some distressed texture and give it a warmer feel. I really hope this family enjoys this painting for years to come!

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