Sharing Stories

I'm SO thrilled and honored to be in the Autumn 2012 Issue of Artful Blogging! When we went to Barnes & Nobles yesterday, there it was!... so fun and feels so crazy to see my little article in print! If you get a chance to stop by B&N, flip to the back of the magazine if you want to read my article called "Sharing Stories". It's about my experience with doing blog interviews this year and I'm sharing some "how-to" steps along with "tips" to making your interviews come alive!
I couldn't have done this without my sweet Jeremy. He helped me not stress out about the deadline to finish, helped me gather my ideas and form them into an article, and encouraged me every step of the way! I'm so thankful for him!

I have some more really exciting news... I just found out last week that I get to write another article like this for the Winter 2013 Issue of Artful Blogging! This time I'll give you the inside scoop on my very first blog conference... it's coming up this weekend and my article is due the next Friday... whoa. I can't believe that I'm getting to share my heart with other bloggers and hopefully offer them encouragement through writing articles! I feel so excited and blessed with this opportunity.

Thanks for sharing my excitement, I can't wait to get your feedback!
Happy day!

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