Your Story: The White House Table Co.

I'm thrilled to start a new series on my blog called "Your Story". Today I'm excited to share the story behind The White House Table Co. by interviewing Leslie Whitehead! Enjoy...

Tell us how you were inspired to start The White House Table Co.!
From Pinterest! I saw a "pin" with plans to build your own farmhouse style table, and I told my husband Clay I had to have one! He immediately jumped on it!

Where does the name come from?
Our last name is Whitehead and we build farm HOUSE tables, so we just went with a combo that sounded the best :)

What do you create/what services do you provide, and how can someone contact you to make a purchase?
We customize any of our current designs for tables/benches including dining table, entry tables, kids crafts tables, etc. We can also generate a completely customized table plan based on the customers preferences. Right now, we can be reached by email, phone, or our Facebook page! (whitehousetables@gmail.com. 432-934-2030, www.facebook.com/thewhitehousetableco.)

What's your favorite/least favorite thing about what you do?
My favorite is the delivery and seeing our tables "styled" in their home! It is so neat to see the final product of something you saw as a pile of wood! My husband would say his favorite part is generating new designs for tables! My least favorite part, and I think I speak for all of us, is sanding :)

Do you feel that your business is personal?
Absolutely! We invest SO  much of our time and effort in one table! But we have really enjoyed it so far. I love creating a piece that will be so much a part of a family's time together :). So much more than just eating happens at the dining table!

How does your business fit into the rest of your life?
Ha! It consumes a lot of our free time! Clay's parents are partners with us, and we build everything out of their barn. They complete SO much of the work while Clay and I are working/taking care of kiddos. We could NOT do it without them! Clay and/or I are out there building most nights/weekends that we are free.

Share "A day in the life.."
Well, for ME its balancing being a stay at home mom with handing the logistical side of WHTC. Customer are given my number an I manage the Facebook/email accounts, so I usually have first contact with them. After we get an order, we start off by picking out/buying the wood. Clay and Joe and Jill will build/sand the tables, and I usually stain and finish them. Its all about teamwork for sure!!

I can't go a work day without….
grubby clothes! We get SO dirty and covered in sawdust. I can't imagine wearing nice clothes, ha ha.

What keeps you going?
The customers! If we don't sell tables, we are done building! But, also, its so therapeutic for all of us to create and build and be somewhat "artistic." For me especially, I love using the creative side of my brain. I have also found the more often you get those creative juices flowing, the more they flow, ha ha!

Thanks Leslie! Be sure to leave her some love on The White House Table Co. Facebook Page and in the comments!


Wynne Elder said...

love this leslie! love reading about why you do what you do! and so needing to email you about a table :) so proud of you for stepping out and DOING IT!!!! you are amazing! love you!

love this series molly!!!

Jenna said...

I am currently trying to build that same farmhouse table. They are so talented. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.