Friendly Rivals Toms

These were really fun to paint! These two pairs of TOMS were ordered by a sweet girl for herself and her mom! She's a die hard Tech fan and her mom is an Aggie for life...so it was fun to paint this "friendly rivalry"!

I tried to create the pairs to "go" together, but highlight each school separately. So for each toe I put the emblem with swirls along with "Gig 'Em" and "Wreck 'Em"! I heard these two had a blast when they were together at Christmas time and wore them constantly...so fun! I highlighted the "Wreck 'Em" Pair here.

For this pair of "Gig 'Em" Toms, she wanted fun and simple so after painting the emblem and lettering, I added swirls...

Then stripes...

....and dots! I also added some metallic silver paint to give it a little shine!

This was another fun detail for these mother-daughter Toms... graduation years on the backs!

If you'd like your own pair of TOMS just click the "Painted Toms" link under my blog banner for details and an order form! 

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