Wreck 'Em TOMS!

I am pretty excited about these new "Wreck 'Em" TOMS! First I was super excited about the new challenge of painting on a black background...

The silver and red REALLY stand out on the black and I love the way the silver shimmers!

I decided to balance the bold emblem and words with some curvy swirls and a chevron pattern for the sides of the shoes.

The back celebrates this sweet girl's graduation year!

I'm really excited to try new and different styles and colors of TOMS! It's been so fun to stretch my creativity and grow by painting on a 3-d object. Each pair of TOMS has so much personality too!

If you'd like to order a pair, you can find out how here.
I'm booked for the next couple of months, but I'm currently taking orders for Jan./Feb.2013!

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