Painted TOMS Go to NYC!

A long time client ordered these custom TOMS to wear to New York City this summer to see her beloved Yankees! I don't know much about baseball, but I did my best to create something she could celebrate and remember the trip by...

Since the drawstring was red, I decided to paint the soles red also! I added the two logos on the toes, pin-stripes on the sides (like the Yankees uniforms!) and her favorite players' numbers on the back!

I thought it wouldn't matter about these not being "classic" TOMS, but I learned quickly that was not the case! It was pretty tricky to paint around the drawstring and the fabric on these TOMS is a very different texture. For these reasons I think I do much better with the "classics". :)

(But secretly I love that those red laces remind me of baseball stitching!)

I hope she has a blast and remembers the trip every time she wears these Custom Painted TOMS!

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