Kitchen Pillows

I had a custom sewing project to do for a sweet friend and fellow blogger, set for an upcoming weekend. I did this because I wasn't sure if I could find the fabrics she wanted. So last Friday I went to look just in case....I found great fabrics and got SO INSPIRED, I went home right then to start cutting out the pieces!

Britt has the most darling kitchen you've ever seen! She sent a few pictures for me to get some ideas. She has a sweet kitchen table with two cushy, tufted, yellow chairs! Above the table she has frames with burlap mats and a giant fork and spoon! (so cute!)

She asked for a grey and white back on each pillow and a linen front with the words "eat" and "yum"...and anything else I thought. :) So I decided that each pillow would be super cute with it's own fork and spoon!

I stuffed them myself so that they could be extra firm for the cute tufted chairs and I used the sewing machine to stitch around the letters and silverware for extra hold. :)

I hope these pillows add more fun and comfort to this sweet family's kitchen!

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The Ingrams said...

I love them so much!! Thank you Molly!!