ARTIST STORY: Chloe Fleury

I hope you're enjoying these "Artist Story" posts! I am learning about so many amazing artists and discovering new favorites. I hope to bring you into the beautiful world of art by showing you the real stories behind real artwork! Like today.. 

Chloe Fleury is a French illustrator who says she fell in love with international travel on a trip to California when she was 10 years old! She is now creating 3-D art out of paper while living in San Francisco. She also brings her paper creations to life with stop motion animation! She is the artist behind Hopscotch Design.

She has worked with famous names like Gap, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Oh Joy!, Anthology, Target and more! Can you imagine? She creates the most amazing posters of the districts of her city- San Francisco. She creates these special to include any buildings you'd like! My Jeremy and I went there a few summers back and each area of San Francisco is full of life and personality. She captures that in these 3-D posters...

Chloe also creates beautiful window displays like these in San Francisco and L.A! Taking her art some small scale to larger than life...and incredibly inspiring...

And this muliti-talented artist even brings her paper creations to life through stop motion animation like this... (so delightful, I wish I could transport into the scene!)

Chloe Fleury is such an inspiration to me because she took her joy (paper) and made it into an art that she took down so many different avenues! She encourages me to dig deeper and stretch farther in my own art.

Check out her website and shop!

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