Friday pInspiration!

It's Friday! I know I've been saying it a lot lately, but I'm SO thankful that the busy season at work is over (well, for the most part!) and my mind feels free to dream, create, and reconnect with bloggers and clients! 

To help with a creative pick-me-up, I love to take a look at Pinterest through out the week. Sometimes here on the blog I'll share what I've been pinning lately and it really shows me what colors, themes and ideas that I'm currently being drawn to. To see all of the sources for the pins above, just click the corresponding number below the collage!

So what am I pinning lately?
1. A beautifully quirky hand-painted bowl from Etsy... I love the colors! I am seriously considering trying out ceramics again. 
2. This "I Love My Husband" T-Shirt which I may have already ordered... (ahem. cough)... because it's SO CUTE! 
3. These ideas for healthy travel snacks are brilliant! It's hard to eat well on the go without a plan. : /
4. You guys know how much I LOVE packaging so this confetti box is making me so. happy. 
5. "We Dance the Free-lance"-perfect! I'm only Freelance part-time but it's a pretty great dance that I'm so thankful for. :)
6. Silhouette love with adorable patterns... I'm in! I'm thinking spring floral or dots? 
7. The new American Blogger documentary... needs to be watched over the weekend (go get it!) 
8./9. "Skinny Girl Fries" and mix-matching patterns.... love!

Happy Weekend!!!

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