10 Ways to Stay Creative!

1. Find solitude. Just you, your journal and a cup of coffee.

This one comes from my sweet friend Ragan of Painterly Passion:
2. Pick a color. Go to your local home improvement store and pick up a paint swatch that describes your mood. (genius!)

3. Flip through some free e-magazines! I have a whole Pinterest board of them! Follow here.

4. Go off the beaten path. Find a flea market, new coffee shop, or find a new way home.

5. Light a candle. Preferably a new scent!

6. Just start. Staring at a blank page or canvas can be intimidating, but if you add a mark, write a word or just start somewhere, you'll be ready to do more!

7. Try something new. A new flavor of tea, a new skill, etc.

8. Get away from screens. Ever wonder if you're bogged down by computers, phones and tv's? Maybe take a walk or sit outside for a bit.

9. Collaborate. There's something about bouncing ideas off another person that really gets the creative ball rolling! Plus putting more brains together = better ideas.

10. Get Lost. In a fabulous indie film, a lovely museum exhibit, or a local concert. The creativity of others can be very inspiring!

I hope you feel inspired already! If you test anything out, let me know how it goes! Enjoy!

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