How to Gather Inspiration

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With all of the hub-bub over pinterest, it's a creative person's playground! I get on there and go nuts! I become a pin-monster and start gathering pins about everything from home decorating to recipes (that I'll probably never cook! ha!) But what about when it comes to painting inspiration? How do you gather inspiration without stealing a design and all the while keeping your style?

Here are just a few helpful hints!
1. Organize
If you're pinning images that you like for a painting, start a "board" specifically for that purpose so that you can find them again. If you're gathering inspiration from magazines or little scraps- keep a folder or actually pin them to a bulletin board.

Example: When I started Pinterest I had ONE board. Wow. I will never find those first pins again..ha! Now I have a board of just ideas for inspiration!

2. Think outside the Computer:
Blogs and Pinterest are FULL of inspiration  but don't discount gathering inspiration from your LIFE and experiences! That's where the best inspiration comes from!

Example: Keep a journal with your favorite song lyrics, take pictures of your adventures, keep scraps of fabric that intrigue you or take note of the feelings you experience and learn to re-create that feeling through color and design.

3.  Be Inspired.
Now, take all of the images you've gathered and look at them together. What has drawn you to them in the first place? Was it the mood? Color scheme? Composition? Look at the materials used and the textures. How do you feel when you look at everything together? Instead of choosing one image to "copy" (yikes!) create something new that is completely YOURS.

Example: A photo of an outfit might inspire your color scheme and patterns. Then a scrap of paper with your favorite song lyrics might inspire the mood. A trip to California might inspire a "landscape" design from a photo you took. etc...

Always be honest, give credit where it is due, and be careful not to steal anyone else's design... art is a free expression of YOU! Your heart's expression is what art is all about! :)

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