Your Painted Story: "Gather You Up" Watercolor

Today, I'm so excited for y'all to hear the story behind this painting! My sweet friend Sarah gave me the blessing and honor of creating it about her recent journey through adoption. I hope you are as encouraged by her story as I am! 

What is the story behind your painting?
Earlier in our adoption (we're currently adopting a 7 yr old boy from China) we were going through some stuff that was really messing w/ my head. Our adoption seemed really fragile and I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone- like all these weird things that we should have total control over were actually out of my control and that they were threatening the adoption. One particular day I was completely overwhelmed so instead of working on my to-do list when I put my kids down for naps, I just got quiet and spent some time in my Bible. I read a "random" devotional by John Piper that didn't seem to fit my current situation at all, but then there was this verse, Isaiah 43:5, tucked in there. I don't remember what the devotional was about, but I remember thinking it was so weird for this verse to be in there. God totally stilled my heart w/ that verse and all my worry was immediately gone. He said it. I trust his Word to be infallible. It's done. 

What's your favorite thing about your painting?
Hands down, it's the vantage point. We didn't expect our next adoption to be an international one- and especially not from China. Neither me or my husband have ever had a tender heart toward China or known much about the country or its culture. But that's changing more every day and looking at a view of the world and being able to see where we are in the same frame as where our son lives right now is surreal because I still haven't completely wrapped my head around it, humbling because this is a really BIG world we live in and God chose to intertwine our lives w/ this little boy that lives all the way over there , and at the same time it's comforting because as huge as this world is, it still fits in the palm of our Creator's hand and he's totally got this thing covered.

How will you style your painting in your home?
Right now it's sitting on a shelf as part of a collage/gallery of other paintings and prints because I want it in the living room where I can see it and am reminded of it throughout the day. But when we bring Yuan Li home, it'll go in the boys' bedroom. I can totally picture sitting on the bed w/ him before he goes to sleep and telling him the story behind the painting and what it was like to pursue him and wait for the time we until we got to go get him.

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