Creative Life... YUM.

So, you may have noticed in a few past posts that I'm really excited to learn about whole, natural cooking/eating! You can see how my journey began here, check out a guest post here, and see what all of this has to do with my word this year (Intentional!) here.

I love how fun, creative and colorful REAL food can be! I am "eating up" (pun intended) all kinds of vegetarian and vegan recipes and I love that cooking has become part of creative life for me! I don't feel like I'm missing out as I change how I eat... I feel like I've BEEN missing out before I learned about the amazing foods God created! (Not that I don't indulge sometimes.. hello! I totally had chocolate pie yesterday! ha!)

So what are my next goals on this journey?
- Growing my own herbs & micro-greens! (I've never grown anything... any advice? ha!)
- Reading more about nutrition and health (I've been to the library again)
- Trying out new recipes using whole, natural foods! :)

I'm having a blast on this journey! Anyone else out there trying eat more veggies, less processed foods and go more natural? What's working for you?

Above: My new haul from the library.. I can't wait to dig in! Portobello mushroom burgers with sweet potato fries last night! Fresh grown basil on my pizza...yum. My last library read- The Daniel Plan.

Happy happy day!

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