Creative Life Goes Healthy

So, ya know how this year I'm focusing on the word "Intentional"? Well, that's a really broad word. I had so many things that I really wanted to be intentional about I got super overwhelmed this month. So I decided to change up my plan a little bit. Instead of trying to focus on everything (bad idea, & typical me- ha!) I decided to choose one area per month to focus on. (phew!)

In February I was being pretty intentional about learning how to eat healthier so I decided to stick with that. I shared a little from my journey in this post. It's a fun and exciting adventure so far and I'm learning so much (with a lifetime of learning ahead!). I had never really understood about pH balance or why eating raw greens is so important or even how the things I eat effect the way I feel! I am "eating up" all of this great information but also having so much fun along the way! I'm certainly no expert and I don't have it all down, but I'm taking little steps toward a healthier life. :)

God reveals Himself in so many ways and shows His love! Over the past month, I've felt so loved as I understand more about the artful food He's made and our intricate bodies. It's so beautiful! 

So what's up for next month... learning about finances/home management. It's not sounding too exciting yet, but I'm excited about seeing God reveal Himself in these places as well! Have any great resources for me in this area? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks as always for your support..... you guys are the best!

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