Kidogo Kidogo

A few weeks ago, I got an email from this amazing company- Kidogo Kidogo! They wanted to share a little about what they do and send me one of their artist-designed iphone cases- COOL! But even better is what they do....

(According to their website) .... "At kidogo kidogo, we sell phone cases. But these cases do a lot more than just look good and protect your phone -- they are putting life changing mobile technology into the hands of women across Tanzania. You see, when you buy a case, we buy a phone (or phone credits) to give to a woman who could not otherwise afford it.
A mobile phone is a flashlight, a watch, a camera and a radio. It’s a way to make secure banking transactions, monitor consumer markets, stay abreast of changing weather and receive health reminders and updates. Whoever you are and wherever you live, mobile technology makes your life better.
In Tanzania, only 36% of women have mobile phones. With a world that is more connected than ever before, kidogo kidogo is working to ensure that the women who are leading families, founding businesses, and building thriving communities across Tanzania are also connected." 

Isn't that awesome!? I choose this cool flamingo design and I've been using it on my phone for  about a week. It has beautiful colors and the texture is a little "matte" so it's not so slippery! It feels excellent and it's holding up great!

You should check out their shop for a beautiful new phone case and help a woman in Tanzania at the same time!

"Little by Little" Kidogo Kidogo is making a difference because of YOU!

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