DIY Twisted Headband

I have been seeing these awesome twisted headbands around blog land and I decided it was time to try my hand at it! So, after a little trial and error, I've discovered just how easy these are to make! I may have to make several colors in anticipation for real spring weather. :) Here goes!

1. Start with a stretchy knit fabric (found at your local fabric store) and cut a wide strip to work work with. 

2. Wrap it around your head tightly but give yourself a little slack for stitching and hold this place with your finger. Then trim off the excess. 

3. You may also change the width of your headband, but I recommend keeping it a little wide because we'll be folding it in half!

4. Fold your fabric piece in half length-wise and give it a "twist" as shown above.

5. Bring the ends together (while still folded and twisted length-wise) and use a couple of pins to hold it in place.

6. Use a sewing machine (or you could stitch it by hand!) to stitch up the edges.

7. Turn your headband inside out so that the seam you've sewn is on the inside.

8. Put your new twisted headband on for a carefree hair day! :)

Happy day!

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