When I was browsing my recent pins on Pinterest, I came across these three pins that I pinned in the same sitting... I'm seeing a theme! The colors, the textures, the brightness and the inspiration made me take a deeper look at each image... I thought I'd share! :)

Mango, Avocado and Black Bean Salad from A House in the Hills blog, just looks incredible! I was immediately drawn in by the colors, but then when I discovered it had mango, I knew I had to try it! It's particularly fitting because this week I bought my very first mango! It was awesome. (Come on spring!!!)

Every Girl Phone Cases from SHOP by Monika, features 3 lovely, go-getter quotes inspired by The Every Girl. You can get all 3 in the set to share with your friends or switch out when you need an extra boost!

Where Ever You Go, Whatever You Do, Be In Love - This is actually a lovely notebook cover on a Dutch website, PapierMier!  I am particularly in love with the colors and the idea of passion that radiates from this art!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!!!
See ya Monday!

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