Your (Adorable) Store Front!

When my sweet Jeremy and I were in Dallas a few weeks ago, we wondered around the beautiful Bishop Arts District! (more pics here!) There were SO MANY amazing store fronts with awesome window displays and signs... they each had me dreaming...

So when we stopped at a cute little 50's style diner for a turkey burger I asked J.... if you had a store front on this street, what would do with it?!

As we talked, I dreamed of what I might do with a cool store front like this. Maybe a cozy coffee shop with a lovely gallery of local artwork? Maybe an art studio filled with little nooks that artists could rent out and create their masterpieces together? Maybe a paper goods shop filled with letter pressed note cards and pretty art prints?

Although, if I worked in this neiborhood, I'd probably spend most of my time at one of these two places!(above, Dude, Sweet Chocolate & below Emporium Pies)

How about you? If you had an adorable store front, what would you do with it? Tell me in the comments. ;)

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