Meaningful, Handmade & Vintage Diplays

Got a really great vintage piece but not sure how to display it? I've got a few fun ideas for you!

I got this lovely vintage cross stitch, courtesy of my friend Kelley at ShopSaidKelley! I love that it's handmade, has a sweet sentiment and it's in great shape. When I started to style it in my own home, I kept a few things in mind....

1. Our style is pretty eclectic, but most of our decorations are either modern or industrial. Combine a little bit of several styles to make your vintage piece feel right at home and not secluded in your space.

2. When choosing items to place together, pull from the colors in your vintage piece to highlight it and keep the eye moving I chose to pull out the green, red and blue from the painting and choose other decorations accordingly.

3. Vary the textures... a living plant, ceramic piece, sleek black & white photo, wooden doll, etc.

4. Choose meaningful pieces! The winged vase is handmade by my ceramicist friend Danielle, the framed photo is by my photographer friend Alison, the Russian doll is a prayer reminder, and the photo on the wall is from our engagement session.

I hope these tips help you incorporate more vintage pieces into your home! Start by checking out Kelley's shop for more fun home decor like this lovely cross stitch piece. :) See some of my favorites here, here & here!

shop: shopsaidkelley.bigcartel.com
blog: www.saidkelley.com
instagram/twitter: @saidkelley

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