Painted Story: Hope Toms

My sweet friend Sarah asked me to paint these "Hope Toms" for her! Today she's sharing the story behind her Toms and how she styles them.... enjoy! 

What's the story behind your custom Toms?

The word that God has really put on my heart for 2014 is "Hope."
Hope that His plans for my life continue to become known to me, Hope that my prayers will be answered according to His will, and just Hope in general that He will continue to bring blessings to my life and those around me throughout this year.

Even though we work really hard to memorize God's word, sometimes it is hard to remember verses in life's most intense moments. Now if I find myself in a moment of despair, I'll simply have to look down at my shoes and remember: "My HOPE comes from The Lord!"

What's your favorite thing about your Toms?

My favorite thing about my Hope TOMS (after the powerful scriptures on them of course), is that they have a bit of a glimmer to them. As I'm often told, my favorite color these days is Sparkle, so I love anything that has a bit of sparkle/glimmer. I also love all the beautiful swirl designs on these shoes.
These Hope TOMS just seem to make it feel like my feet are floating!

How do you style your custom Toms?

I almost always wear a scarf with my TOMS. I even have a black sparkle scarf that will go with my new shoes quite nicely. The lovely thing about these shoes is that you can wear them with anything- jeans, capris, even skirts!

(Sarah's photos!)
Thanks so much for sharing Sarah! I hope you enjoy your new Toms, I had a blast painting them!
Interested in your own Custom Painted Toms? Email me at specsandwings@gmail.com 

Happy day!

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