DIY Fall Yarn Necklace

I couldn't be more excited about FALL! Anyone else?! So, to get in the spirit, I made a fun yarn bead necklace. The colors and textures give this accessory a warm autumn feeling. Plus it's very easy... ready? All you need is several colors of yarn, large wooden beads, a yarn needle and a good pair of scissors.

1. Thread your needle with a LONG piece of yarn and run it through the bead. Tie a double knot in the yarn and snip the short end of the yarn.

2. Continue wrapping the yarn around the bead by putting the needle through the center of the bead over and over, pulling the yarn tightly each time.

3. When the bead is completely covered in yarn, you're ready to tie another double knot and trim the excess.

4. When you've got several beads wrapped, thread the beads through a piece of yarn and you've got a new fun necklace for fall!

(You could also make bracelets by threading the beads with elastic!)

I hope you enjoyed this fun fall DIY!

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