Mix & Match Board DIY

I can't be MORE excited for FALL! One of my favorite parts of Fall would be getting to dress in layers. It's like creating a collage with clothes. I'm no fashion expert, but I love to experiment with different clothes until I find something that is a creative expression of "me" for the day.

Today I have a fun DIY for us as we start dressing for my favorite season. A "Mix & Match Board" is a fun way to try out different outfit combinations (without destroying your closet!) and keep things interesting when you start putting outfits together this fall!

1. Start by collecting photos of tops, skirts, pants, etc. that are similar to items found in your closet. Save a copy of each image your computer.

2. Use a photo editing program, like Picmonkey, to upload your photos and start re-sizing and arranging them. Place the tops along the top half of the page, and bottoms underneath each. (Picmonkey even has an option to "make a collage" which makes this really easy!)

3. Re-arrange the tops and bottoms to your hearts content!

4. If you'd like to add another layer to this project, save and print out your "Mix & Match Board" then cut out the tops and bottoms. Now you could pin your items to a bulletin board in your closet to remember ideas, or mix them up again in the future!

Have so much fun with your "Mix & Match Board"! I can't wait to see the cute outfits you create! :)

P.s. Most of these pieces are from Modcloth or Ruche!
P.p.s. Show us your board by linking in the comments or twitter (@specsandwings)

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