Studio Design: Part 1

It's every artists' dream... the perfect studio space! It's been a LONG time in the making, but my sweet Jeremy (a musician) and I are ready to set up our joint studio at home. I thought it would be fun to show you the process each step of the way! So, just to get the big picture, here is some past inspiration.. here, here & here.

We've got the walls painted an awesome grey color and we're going for an "industrial" feel so with that in mind... here are a few desks/work tables we've been looking at... which would you choose?

*Spoiler*\\ We think we've already narrowed it down to a winner, but I want to surprise you with it later!

Coming up... chairs that make me swoon and deciding on floor, lighting & functional pieces. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!  Feel free to send your ideas through email, facebook, twitter or in the comments!

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