Studio Dreaming!!!

So last night, I was overcome with a need to clean and organize my studio. If you know me, you know that I'm not the tidiest person in the world, but from time to time I go on a crazy cleaning spree! :) Ha! Anyway, as I was setting up my desk and arranging supplies into boxes, I thought about what kind of fun studio I may have someday. :) A girl can dream right?! Here are some beautiful studios that I've pinned recently...prepare to be inspired! (Sources here.)

I would love a space that could double as a client meeting area and that could be functional and beautiful at the same time...:) Like those little cottages!?! Adorable! 

I'll try to get a photo for you soon, but just so you know, my current studio now has a chevron rug, some new desk organizers from Target, twinkle lights around the window, and a magnetic inspiration board!
I have a hard time staying organized and tidy...anyone else have this problem? Any advice?

happy thursday!

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Celeste Kemmerer said...

I suspect that many of us creative types have a bit of difficulty in being tidy. I have time to create or clean--usually not both. I love the clean white studios in theory, but in practice I've discovered that I need walls with color in my own spaces.