Shopping for Hope

Admit it. As soon as you get dressed or get off work today, you've got one thing on your mind....snagging something new to wear this weekend or something fun for your house that will encourage you to clean it! HA! (Okay, maybe that's just me!) Either way, what if you could shop and have everything you purchase go towards a great cause!?! TODAY you can!

Photo by Wynne Elder Photography

Just drop by Pink Tumbleweed in Midland sometime between 12-6 today and shop the Noonday Collection's gorgeous accessories....

Alison's beautiful photo prints ( I have 2 and LOVE THEM!)

Photo by Alison Holcomb
...and some of my paintings too!

More details here!!!

Ready, set, SHOP! It's the best excuse to shop I can think of!

We're off on an adventure...can't wait to share more! happy weekend!

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