1940's Styling

Another part of my adventure in the Great Western Drilling Event was to be  a door greeter dressed 1940's style! It was SO FUN! I did lots of research with my sweet friend Kate and we came up with a really perfect outfit, hairstyle, make-up, and even accessories. We also got lots of help from Karen at Midland Community Theater's Costume Shop!

After Kate and I searched the web and Pinterest for lots of 1940's inspired looks, we came up with some ideas and went to town! This is how we put together my 1940's Look, so you to style your own 40's look too! Here we go!

1. Kate is such a DOLL! She is a trained and experienced make-up artist and she came over and taught me some great skills that have even translated to my daily look! She showed me how to apply thick eye liner, bright red lipstick and rosy pink blush!

2. My modern 40's style dress is from Mod Cloth! I love this website because they offer beautiful vintage style clothing made for a modern girl. This dress is appropriately named "About the Artist"! I love the cute little background story they give for it too:
"Currently one of the country's most respected young talents, this delightful dress grew up dreaming about one day becoming a world-renowned icon. Today, it's on its way with a well-crafted A-line cut, precise bust darting, dapper ruffle and heart button details, a matching, optional sash, and delightful cap sleeves. Though its background is foggy, its precise raven outlining keeps this frock on track. Currently, this masterpiece of a dress resides on a fashionable young painter who styles it to perfection with flower-adorned pumps, netted stockings, and a handmade headpiece."
Just pretty sweet huh? I originally found this dress while searching for a vintage 40's dress and I loved it so much I decided to order it to add to my wardrobe! I think it's adorable for work. It ended up coming just in time for me to wear to the event and I think it was perfect. :) It has the 40's collar, length, and shape while adding a modern fit and comfort.

3.The black gloves I wore are vintage courtesy of MCT Costume Shop! When I put them on, they really completed the look and made me feel completely transformed.

4. I also borrowed a lovely headpiece from the theater! I loved it so much I wish I could have kept it! It had a wide velvet headband with a lovely velvet bow. There was also a black birdcage that hung down in the front and back of my hair. It felt so feminine and 40's!

5. This picture was the inspiration for my outfit! I would recommend finding a picture before piecing your look together. Then you'll have a "look" to aim for and specific pieces to look for as well. Also keep in mind the feel of the event. Mine was an evening work party so I didn't want to go too formal, but I wanted to look snappy! This is also part of the inspiration for my hairstyle! Kate taught me to create the large curls on either side of my hair using a curling iron, lots of bobby-pins, and a cloud of hairspray! ;)

6. My purple cardigan added a needed splash of color! Mine was a sweet gift from my sister and brother-in-laws!

7. Peep toe heels were a perfect addition to the look in keeping with the style. Although authentic 40's peep toes would have been sling-backs with chunky heels, I think this alternative kept the look while making it a little modern. These beautiful shoes were courtesy of my mom! :)

8. I also rented these lovely "ear bobs" from the local theater! They were so fun peeking out of my 40's hair-do!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into the process of my 1940's styling for the big event! I loved what I wore and I felt completely comfortable in this look because it felt so "me"! :) Up next, pictures of me and Jeremy and our friends and family who helped at the event! Come back soon!

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