Summer Featured Artist: Kate Dominguez

I'm so excited to share this with y'all! I've never met anyone like the lovely miss Kate! She is so inspiring and I love her collage and photographs! She is truly an artist at heart!!! I know you will be inspired by her interview...enjoy!

1. What is your favorite kind of art to create?

My favorite is photography, although collage comes in a very close 2nd.

2. What most inspires you?

Life! Everything & everyone inspire me in some way. I love to see the world thru children’s eyes & hearts.

3. Who are you favorite artists (or art blogs)?

WOW! So many to mention… Hmmm…at this stage in my life…I’d say Sabrina Ward Harrison is still at the tip-top of my fave photographer/multi-media artist, your site of course, Pink Coffee photoart by Lyndsay Hyatt-Almeida & Brittany Strebeck Photography--all amazing women with a heart for God & the gifts He’s blessed us with!

4. What's some of the best advice you've ever been given?

My photography prof, Kent, saw me stressing over my first solo show & said, “Whatever it is…work it out in here [our darkroom]. This is where we find the answers when nothing else can help.”

5. What MUST be in your studio/work space?

Oh wow…ummm…I guess all the junk for that day’s project & a cup o joe. I change my mind so often it’s never the same twice! If I’m out shooting, I have to have bottled water & at least one “treatsy-java drink.” Oh yeah…sunlight… I MUST have lovely, warm, golden sunlight (sigh).

6. Favorite drink:

*LOL* I promise I did NOT see this as the next question! Hmmm…for workin’: a skinny espresso shake—for relaxin’: a mojito!

7. Top 5 creative music:

Anything by Sarah McLachlan (yes I’m that old school), Sara Bareilles, the Stealing Beauty OST, AirOne radio, & maybe some Three Doors Down/ Matchbox 20 thrown in.

8. What is a typical day like for you?

When do you make time to be creative? A typical day for me is padding from bed to shower to kitchen back to bathroom to bedroom, then out the door to work. Then I café at my desk followed by maniac-rushing from one deadline to the next in the graphic arts dept. Once I’m off work, it’s either head to early-evening appointments, Zumba or Bible Study (or both). Wednesdays are my relax-after-work day & they usually involve a book or movie, hot bath & warm cozy blankets or coffee with a friend. Saturdays & Sundays are for creativity (or late nights before a birthday—HA!).

9. Why do you create?

Because it’s what God made me to do. I have to. It’s fulfilling in every way I can imagine. It’s my heart, mind & soul poured into the physical world. When I complete a project, I reap the reward of great joy & know God has spoken to me in a way He hasn’t spoken to anyone else for all of time.

10. What advice do you have for artists who are just getting started?

Be yourself, be sincere & be relaxed. Don’t let someone else determine what helps you express most completely. If people don’t “understand” your art, it’s okay …because it’s yours. You’ll know when you’ve done something well, because of satisfaction stirring within.

11. Do you sell your artwork? How can someone contact you for purchasing?

I do sell artwork/photography & graphic art designs, however, I’m most comfortable shooting casually—I rarely do special events or weddings—I’ll leave that to the professionals, like Lindsay H.A. or Brittany S. The best way to contact me is through my blog (thewildcurl.blogspot.com) or thewildcurl@gmail.com. I hope to have an etsy page up by the end of the year!

12. If you were a cereal...which kind would you be and why?

Probably something awesome like organic frosted mini-wheats! They’re au natural & packed w/ sweet surprise!

13. You can't imagine a day without...

Love. It brightens my whole world in ways that surprise me every single day. God made it & gives to EVERYONE…it’s not just for “certain people.” It’s free & it makes all of life sparkly & new, no matter what form it takes.

14. What's your newest art adventure?

Home decorating! Oh my lawdy be above!!! I have NEVER been an interior decorator, so I prayed about it & said, “Papa God, (cuz that’s what I call Him) You’re gonna have to show me what to do with this place, because I have no clue.” So He has & WOWIE, His ideas are so ME & so beautiful! Every bit, fabric, piece of furniture & pillow has come through miracle after miracle! I’m having so much fun with His ideas unfolding at a steady, do-able pace…and making them mine!

15. What's your favorite thing about what you do?

I love pouring my heart & soul into the projects I create. I love seeing what can be done with my hands by my Papa’s will. I am always amazed how much more beautifully my art & photos turn out when I simply take 1 minute to pray with my whole heart, then let go…. I love the freedom of being myself & the pull that draws me to “have to do it.” It’s like a craving or addiction. I have to get to it because it’s something God’s calling me to.


The Roberts' said...

these interviews are fun! i am encouraged by people like you who express their love for the Lord through art!

Molly~ Specs & Wings said...

you're so sweet! thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying them and getting inspired like I am!

Mike and Cymbre said...

Thanks for sharing about Kate!! Even though I'm a little familiar with her work (ha, ha!) it is great to get an inside look at her heart! I hope everyone is as blessed as I am to get a glimpse...