Happy Birthday EM!

Happy monday everyone! Saturday was my sister's birthday so this is a blog in her honor! She's amazing!!! When we were younger we used to always celebrate "birthday week" so now that we live in different towns, I decided to keep up the tradition by sending her a "birthday week in a box" package!

(photo by Brittany Strebeck!)
Here's a little peak inside! This is a jumbo cupcake pincusion that I made for her. She just got a sewing machine and she's already amazing at it!

This is a painting I did of us!

I made this scrapbook page using pictures from the wedding!

Next....birthday cake for y'all! The next online class is starting soon and it's called "Cards for Healing"! To get us all in the spirit, my sister is going to be an upcoming Summer Artist Feature!!! She's incredible with card making and designs!

And finally the presents! Here are the winners of the giveaway:

coffee cozy 1: Courtney

coffee cozy 2: Cymbre

"Cards for Healing" online class: Stephanie

Hope you had fun at this birthday party post! What are some of your fun birthday traditions?!?


abeautifullove said...

Love the painting, beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Can't wait lady! So how does this work??! :)

Stephanie said...

oops sorry i meant to say this is stephanie!

Mike and Cymbre said...

WHAT?! I WON?? lol...awesome! Thanks!

What a great way to celebrate your sister!