Paintings in Place and Decorations!

I'm so excited to share more pictures from the Great Western Drilling Event! 
Here are a few pictures of my paintings in place at the event!

The old logo painting was in the dining room and was actually placed inside a wall created just for the event! Jeremy's dad built the walls with a specific cut out in the exact size of my painting! Then, Jeremy's mom and Linda of "Imagine If... Design" textured the walls to look like a 40's jazz club! Isn't that amazing?!?!

I've never had a painting displayed in such an awesome and special way! I loved it!

The painting of the new logo was placed in the Welcome Center in front of painted pinstriped walls with all kinds of amazing memorabilia around it! 
It was such a fun setting for it and I was so excited to see it fit right in!

Here a few details of the center pieces at some of the tables designed by Bonnie Swanson!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of the interior of the event! I can't wait to show you pictures of all of the family and friends dressed in 1940's style that came to help out! More soon!

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