The Old and The New

 I was honored to create two paintings for the Great Western Drilling 75 Anniversary party last week! They hung as decorations at the event and then they will reside in one of their offices. I love the history that these logos represent for the business and collage elements that I was able to add to each painting to reinforce the rich and amazing past/present of such a wonderful company! (See original logos here.)

The first painting is of the old logo and I collaged the background with pages from an oil processing text book!

 See more details here.

The second painting is of the new logo using photo provided by the business! This was such a fun painting to create and I loved adding a fun twist to a normal "painting" by adding the collage elements that were meaningful to them.

Painting details:

These paintings were certainly a new challenge for me but I'm so glad that I did them! Jeremy helped me so much, I couldn't have done these without him! He helped me create straight lines and lettering and even the tiny outlines! These paintings made me reach out of my comfort zone and try something a little different. I learned about the opacity of paint and the eye of perfection that's needed when dealing with logos. I also learned about lettering, projectors, graphite paper, stickers, and lots and lots of patience. :)

I'm grateful for the experience and I hope that these paintings serve as a great celebration of Great Western Drilling for years to come!

More pictures from the big event coming soon!

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