Spring Fling!

I made a couple of trips to Spring Fling over the weekend and we were so excited to be a part of this event!

Danielle and I went on Saturday morning, after our "Flying Olive" tradition of morning donuts. (mmm!) These are a few of photos I snapped of the cute set up Allison made to display our items. She used a cute box on a trunk and an empty frame! CUTE!

It was so exciting to see our creations here at the Spring Fling!


After that, I had lunch with my Mom and Mema and then we went to see the Spring Fling! It was exciting to see some of you there and also to see that some of our accessories had sold!

Thank you all SO MUCH for coming to Spring Fling and visiting us in the Pink Tumbleweed booth! Your support means so much to us! I hope you enjoyed seeing our Spring Fling adventure from start to finish. I really loved sharing the journey with you! If you weren't able to make it last weekend, don't worry! We'll be starting up Farmer's Market soon! I'll keep you posted.

happy *Spring Flung* day! :)

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