Our Re-coup Weekend!

We've both had a pretty busy past couple of weeks with going out of town for Dnow and getting ready for Spring Fling. SO, we decided we needed a re-coup weekend!

On Friday night we went to the movie to see I Am Number Four!
We haven't been the movies in forever, so it was a very nice treat.

We spent time with our families and friends on Saturday...

Then Sunday Jeremy played morning and evening services at church, so I got our home in better shape and caught up on laundry and dishes. After church we got coffee and made a little grocery store run before heading home for pizza and a movie!

I asked Jeremy if we could make a heart shaped pizza. He created this for me! Isnt' it awesome!?!

*photo by Jeremy Swanson!*

I love him. He makes life so good. :)

Hope your weekend was restful and that you're feeling energized for a new week!
Danielle and I are going to start getting ready for Farmer's Market and I'm planning to start a few new Custom Art Journals. I can't wait to show you!

Have a very happy day!

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