Custom Birthday Art Journal!

My awesome friend Cymbre asked me to create this *Custom Birthday Art Journal* for her adorable little boy's first birthday party. Of course I jumped at the chance!

I filled the book with photos of his first year, paint, paper, and scraps to make it bright and fun! I also left plenty of room for all of the guests of his party to write notes to him! Cymbre is planning to give it to him when he is older to read through and be encouraged and feel loved. What an amazing keepsake!

I added a lot of hand painted detail to each page for a personal, handmade touch...

I wanted to keep it fun but not too babyish with lots of bright colors and designs. I also brushed over areas to give it a cool vintage "boyish" effect!

I cut some of the edges to create a little interest as you turn each page!

If you are interested having me create a *Custom Art Journal* for your next event,
please email me!

They are really fun for baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays, wedding guestbooks and more!
These books also make REALLY great gifts and keepsakes!

happy tuesday!

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