Date Night ~ Jordan & Brittany

Here's another sweet date idea from none other than our fantastic engagement & wedding photographer and her husband! You're SURE to love this adorable Valentines date!

Plus there's a new "Date Night" deal (inspired by these two!)
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And now, check out this sweetness from Jordan and Brittany Strebeck!

Jordan and I have been married for 3 and 1/2 years, and every year for Valentine's day, it has become a tradition to make dinner together. Yes, there is definitely something special about going out to some fancy shmancy restaurant, but we have found that an intimate, fun evening, away from all the crowds, has become our cup of tea.

It usually starts with Jordan finding something out of the ordinary he wants to make. One year, he went all out cooking salmon, and even bought wooden planks to grill them on. And last year, he tried a new way of cooking steak in a cast iron grill (which was soooo good!). After we decide our little menu for two, we go to the grocery store together, pick out all the necessary ingredients (and many unnecessary things, too... you know, chocolate, etc.), then head back home. We're big on comfort, so on go the pajamas and house shoes, and to the kitchen we go.

There's something about cooking a meal together that automatically draws you closer to someone. So that's always a good time. And we usually end up laughing a lot, which is also a good time. So after we make the grub, we eat it - imagine that. And then after we eat, we go into a food coma and chit chat it up until we find enough room for dessert. Jordan is great at busting out the chick flicks on special occasions, so that's always a fun touch to the night.

I think the funnest part about dates is how special they can be when they are catered uniquely to you and your main squeeze. It's always fun to be surprised with the things you love, and it's even more fun to bring joy to someone else through the little things in life that make them smile. Pretty cool how that works.


Thanks for that SWEET date idea! I love it!

Check out this lovely lady's photo skills here!:

have a very happy day!

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