The Pink Tumbleweed Booth Sneak Peek!

(*photo by Allison Tisdale of Pink Tumbleweed, old scool edit by me*)

I just got a little sneak peek at the Pink Tumbleweed booth that I thought y'all might love to see! You can see some of our items in the lower left corner! I'm SO EXCITED!!! Isn't Allison amazing at creative display?! We love her style!

This is a dream come true of us at Flying Olive. :) Hope you get to see it in person this weekend!

We'll drop by for a bit on Saturday and hope to see you then!

Happy Friday!
p.s. more pictures next week!


Regina said...

Just got back from Spring Fling and I bought some of your postcards! Love them!

Molly Swanson said...

Thanks for coming Regina! I hope you enjoy them! :)