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Danielle and I have truly embraced our first season at Farmer's Market, but I bet you're wondering...what's our secret? (in random order)

1. T&T Donuts! Unless we're running extremely late for setting up....donuts and a large Dr.Pepper are a MUST for Farmer's Market! With both of our cars loaded and ready for the caravan to downtown Midland, we stop for a morning treat to talk and get ready for the day!

arts 289

arts 288

2. Making FUN displays! We love to create all kinds of fun displays for our latest creations. You never know when you might see anything from a glass head to a couple of vintage frames thrown into the mix! I hope it makes it as fun for y'all as it for us. We get there early to set everything up and make it perfect before your arrival.

arts 298

(Danielle's amazing hat on her awesome glass head!)
arts 293

3. Y'all!!! The sweet support of our dear friends, family and all of you make this all worth it! We love to see you out at the market......we truly thank each of you! We have countless hugs, drinks, help, photos, and more because of y'all. You have come and raved and supported us like nobody's business! Thanks for everything!
arts 304


4. Truly LOVING what we do! We are living our dreams and loving it! I hope it shows. We make and make and make to bring you the very best from our hands and hearts!

arts 295
(Danielle's beautiful paintings are now available at oliveeyes.etsy.com! They would make AWESOME Christmas gifts! Snatch one up before they're gone!)

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our Farmer's Market secrets! We will there only 2 more times this season: Oct. 30th (for the FM Birthday Bash!)  and Nov. 27 (your last chance before Christmas!)
 Come on out and see us at the Flying Olive!

happy wednesday!

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