Failure and Being Brave Again

Most recently I have discovered a love of house plants. My awesome friend Danielle can grow anything and I've always admired her green thumb. I decided to be brave and start adding a few new plants around our home. What happened to my last set of herbs? (aka: victims) Well, to be honest,  2 out of the 5 have survived. (I know... eek... sorry poor herbs!) But that's part of the journey right? Sometimes I'll set out to #bebravecreate and end up with a failure. It's okay though! I will press on and try another hardier plant. :)

I've heard that succulents are very easy to grow so I picked up a couple for my window sill. They make me super happy and so far so good on growth (keep your fingers crossed for me!) There's so much beauty in these little wonders. I'm amazed at our great Artist Creator God! What beautiful reminders these little plants are of what a Great Creative God we serve!

What about you? Discouraged because of a failure recently? I hope you'll take courage and try again! Share your stories in the comments or your photos on Instagram #bebravecreate ! I think this little community could be a cozy place of encouragement and a sweet place to push each on to be brave and try again. :)

Hope you have an awesome Monday!

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