My First Herb Garden

So... I've had some pretty bad experiences with little plants and flowers. Sadly, they usually don't make it very long! Despite past failures, I have been really interested in natural things lately, including gardening. So, when I was walking through the nursery and came across this lovely hanging planter, I decided to be brave and give an herb garden a try!

You may laugh, but I did read the instructions and tried to figure out what I was doing before I got started... sort of. When I took my herbs out of their tiny containers, the roots were tightly wound around the outside and all throughout the dirt. The instruction said to remove the bottom inch of dirt and even rip away the ends of the roots..... Hmmm.... okay. So, that's what I did...

Here's where a little bit of creativity comes in! I had three pots to plant in and the instructions said I could plant more than one per pot. They said to consider what would make a pleasant smell together and what might look nice visually together....

So, once I decided, I planted rosemary with sage, basil with peppermint, and the chocolate mint plant alone (because let's face it, that thing is giant and out of control! ha!) I just put a little dirt in the bottom of the pot, separated the dirt and roots around the plant a little, and added a little dirt around them.

I kept the little name tags to remember how to care for each of them, and I'm keeping a close eye on them. They've been planted for a little over a week and so far so go! Well... the peppermint was a little touch and go, but I think it's doing okay now! ha!

I'm hoping for the best with these little guys and as soon as I find a hook I plant to hang them up! It's really exciting to see them grow and change each day and to learn how to use each one. I'll be sharing more about how I'm using them coming up!

Are you a gardener? If not, I hope you'll try it out with me this summer! Did you try planting something new this year? Have any tips for me?  Please leave them in the comments or send me a pic #bebravecreate !

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